Great Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom

Choosing the right window treatments for the bedroom is important; they add privacy and softness, control the lighting and also maintain room temperature. They ensure comfortable sleep by blocking light during the day time and also reduce noise. There are various kinds of bedroom window coverings available, enabling you to make choices easily. Below are discussed some great window treatments to make your bedroom extremely comfortable.

  • Curtains – Curtains are believed to be the most popular window treatment for the bedrooms. They are made of fabrics that are light-weighted and sold in packages. They are available in various patterns, colors and styles depending upon the requirement of the buyer. These coverings come in different sizes and lengths that fit basic measurement of all types of windows such as lower half of a window and full-length curtains.
  • Draperies – Draperies are sold in fabric panels that have different patterns, lengths and colors. However, they are made of lined, heavier and pleated fabrics that are hung on a rod so that you can open and close them easily. If you want a casual look for the bedroom, then choose draperies that will touch the floors. Select the perfect drapery to change the entire look of your bedroom and turn it into a decorated space that offers complete privacy and proper insulation.
  • Shutters – Shutters are great window coverings that are inserted into the frame or casement. They are usually made of wood; however some of them are made of fauxwood that is available in brown, black, white or various kinds of wood finishes. Shutters have become popular since they lend a traditional look to the interior space, provide effective insulation and block sunlight from entering the bedroom. Fauxwood shutters are also a good idea since they are highly resistant to moisture and are also pocket-friendly.
  • Blinds – These window coverings are made of hard materials like wood, vinyl or fauxwood. They come in various styles like Vertica, Venetian and Mini. They can be hung horizontally or vertically and are the perfect choice for bedrooms. Besides this, they add privacy to your bedroom and block the rays of the sun from entering your home.

Window coverings help in defining the mood and style of a bedroom. When deciding upon the right window treatment, consider the design, color and style in order to give a stunning look to your bedroom.