Different types of Windows – Choose the best one for your home

lantern-545418_1280Whether you are planning to replace old windows or remodel your house different windows, they are available in different sizes, shapes and types. If the windows are damaged or broken and are inefficient, then it is time to replace them with new ones that will complement the decoration of your home. Choosing the right window is a complicated task and you will have to consider several things such as the design, material, estimated budget, proper ventilation and your home’s style. Replacing windows is an expensive affair that includes the price of the windows along with the cost of expert installation to guarantee that the windows perform efficiently. Check out some types of windows for your beautiful home.

  • Casement windowsThese windows are commonly seen in old houses and operate through a crank that is hinged from the left or right side. Casement windows open outwards, providing you with the suitable option of how far you want to crank it. If you want to install energy-efficient windows, then choosing casement is perfect for your house. Homeowners who want to opt for window renovation or install a new one can choose this type of window.
  • Hung windows – Single hung windows consist of two sashes where the top one is stationary and the bottom portion moves upward that makes it easier to let gentle wind enter into the home. These windows were very popular in the past but are also seen in new homes. However, in case of double-hung, both sashes move with the windows.
  • Sliding windows – The sliding ones use a panel and are amongst the most common windows for homes. They can be opened easily and ensure safety from the attack of burglars and house breaks. By choosing these windows, you can also have an emergency exit if there is any calamity.
  • Awning windows – They have been designed in a way so that cool air and light enter your house. They are the perfect choice for bedrooms and areas where you require complete privacy. These windows can be installed beside other types of windows or above patio doors and can be opened slightly for proper ventilation.

By choosing right windows for your home, you will be able to reduce on energy bills, improve comfort level and enjoy full security.